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We've welcomed several Product Leaders from some of the most exciting Product companies worldwide.

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We learn from the best ⭐️

Here you can find all the speakers that have joined past editions of the Product Weekend. Check the event page to see who is coming to the upcoming ones.

  • Anabela
    Anabela Cesário

    Vice President of Product Management at Outsystems. Anabela is one of the biggest names in the Product Operations space internationally and she graduated from the CPO Accelerator program in 2022.

  • Diogo
    Diogo Rendeiro

    Head of Product at Amplemarket. With a vast experience in Product Management in the Portuguese tech unicorns (OutSystems and Feedzai), Diogo is on his way to making Amplemarket become the next one.

  • Joao botto
    João Sousa Botto

    Product Leader at Microsoft. He got into Product at Microsoft soon after he moved to the US. He then worked at Tesla and Facebook before coming back to Portugal and joining Cloudflare.

  • Roshan gupta
    Roshan Gupta

    Roshan has an extensive career in Product having worked at companies like Yahoo, Oracle, and Facebook. His last role was as GPM at Google, where he managed a team of 300+ Product people.

  • Clara
    Clara Rivero Machado
    Brisa/Via Verde

    Clara is the Head of Product at Via Verde. Passionate about understanding customers and creating experiences that they love, she managed to implement a product culture at Via Verde.

  • Joao freitas
    João Colaço de Freitas

    João is the Innovation and Value Creation Director at Cofidis. He has experience in successfully delivering valuable products while creating teams that are empowered to create value.

  • Mirela mus
    Mirela Mus
    Product People

    Mirela Mus is the Founder and CPO at Product People. Having started in Product Management more than 10 years ago, she has helped several companies and NGOs, such as Tier, Zalando and WHO, discover and deliver great products.

  • Craveiro
    João Craveiro

    Cravvie is a Staff Product Manager at Remote. With a PhD in Computer Science, and with previous experience as a universtity professor and software engineer, Cravvie has been a PM for the past 8 years. He was a Lead Product Manager at Farfetch before joining Remote.

  • Daniel zacarias
    Daniel Zacarias

    Managing Partner at Sidenote where he acquires micro SaaS tools and transforms them into profitable businesses. Daniel started in the tech space as a consultant and software engineer, before transitioning into Product.

  • Viktoria
    Viktoria Korzhova
    Product People

    Fractional CPO and VP Product at Product People. With an academic background in Neuroscience, Viktoria started applying her understanding of the human brain to creating products people love.

  • Hugo
    Hugo Froes
    OLX Group

    Product Operations Leader at OLX. With a User Experience background, Hugo got into the field of Product Ops back in 2020 at the Portuguese unicorn Farfetch. Besides his work and thought leadership in Product Ops, he is also a university professor.

  • Mihaela
    Mihaela Draghici
    Volkswagen DS

    Associate Director at Volkswagen Digital Solutions. Mihaela is known as a passionate changemaker both within her Product work and personal life, being a strong advocate for gender equality and inclusive work environments.

  • Isabel
    Isabel Novais Machado

    Isabel is the Head of Design at Cofidis Portugal, where she ensures that human-centered design principles are applied to the products being developed across the organization.

  • Julienlescure
    Julien Lescure
    Coach and consultant

    Product leader and coach, with an extensive career helping companies discover opportunities and make great products. He is also an advisor and investor to many Product-led companies.

  • Gabriela
    Gabriela Naumnik

    Senior Product Manager at Pypestream. She has worked in Product Marketing, then grew from PM to Head of Product at a startup and she has recently moved to Lisbon where she's running the Product Management Society MeetUp group.

  • Albuquerque
    André Albuquerque
    One Month PM

    With a vast experience in the Portuguese start-up space, André has a special passion for teaching, which led him to create the One Month PM. Now with several different programs, it's an affordable way to boost their PM career.

  • Marina
    Marina Saraiva

    Head of Digital Operations and B2B at Cofidis. Having started her career in consulting, she joined Cofidis Portugal almost 5 years ago and has been a big part of the Product transformation that is ongoing at the company.

  • Marquet
    André Marquet

    André Marquet is a co-founder at Beta-i and Productized. André has created the Productized Conference, gathering in Lisbon some of the best product people. Productized is one of the best sources of content and opportunities in Product.

  • Ines lagoa
    Maria Inês Lagoa
    SIBS Processos

    Head of Product at SIBS Processos. She started in Strategy and Operations consulting and then became a Product Manager for products in the intersection between the digital and physical spaces. In her free time, Inês is an ultra-marathon runner.

  • Joao santos
    João Santos

    João Santos is a Director of Product Management at OutSystems. An OutSystems PM since 2014, João has led many product initiatives, such as the OutSystems Cloud transformation to a massive scale.a 

  • Joana cardoso
    Joana Nunes Cardoso

    Joana Nunes Cardoso is the Head of New Product Development at Cofidis Portugal. She joined the Product space more than 10 years ago as a Product Marketing Manager.

  • Luisgoncalves
    Luís Gonçalves
    Adapt Methodology

    Entrepreneur, best-selling author, speaker and Product consultant. When consulting he works exclusively with entrepreneurs, founders and senior leaders on the implementation of his game-changing "ADAPT Methodology".

  • Mariana
    Mariana Trigo

    Mariana Trigo is the founder of Tekya and an Engineering Manager at Reachdesk. Mariana has filled different roles within the tech field, including Product Manager, Scrum Master, and Delivery Manager and she's now helping dozens of people make the shift into Tech.

  • Vasco
    Vasco Pessanha

    Director of Product Management at Outsystems and also a Venture partner at MSM. Vasco is passionate not only about developing impactful products but also about supporting and investing in high-impact startups.

  • Fernando
    Fernando Moitinho

    Fernando is a Director of Product Management at OutSystems where he is delivering products that solve real problems in the low-code space. He has a technical background is is also a Product mentor.

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