Boost your PM career

Lisbon, October 27th to 28th

Meet like-minded Product Managers on a fun, energizing, and insightful weekend. Learn from experts and share your experiences!

Everything you need to know

  • Weekend event

    The starts on Friday after work and it ends on Saturday after dinner, so it doesn't require you to take days off to attend.

  • 25+ peers

    We always keep a small and cozy group, so that you can create meaningful connections with everyone present. πŸ€—

  • Talks and workshops

    The schedule is built around some sessions with Product experts that share their expertise around various topics.

  • Early bird discount

    Enjoy a generous discount by saving your spot in advance. The early bird tickets are limited, so you better hurry up πŸƒ

  • All meals included

    All the meals are included in the ticket price. This includes breakfast, coffee breaks, lunch, and dinner (as well as beers). 🍻

  • Mastermind sessions

    Everyone brings the questions, and everyone contributes with input. Participants and speakers get together to learn from each other.

  • High satisfaction

    Our NPS has been consistently above +70 over the past editions. Every edition has had returning participants.

Spend a weekend at the office and have a great time

It sounds odd, but it's actually what our participants and speakers have been saying about their experience.

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Meet the speakers πŸ‘‹

More speakers will be announced soon πŸ‘€

  • Clara
    Clara Rivero Machado
    Head of Product

    Clara is the Head of Product at Via Verde. Passionate about understanding customers and creating experiences that they love, she managed to implement a product culture at Via Verde.

  • Tim
    Tim Gregory
    Product Leader

    Born in South Africa, Tim has 20 years of experience in Product Management. After being a Head of Product in companies like OLX and Cazoo, he's now embarking on an entrepreneurship journey.

  • Albuquerque
    Andre Albuquerque
    Founder @ OMPM

    With a vast experience in the Product, AndrΓ© has a special passion for teaching, which led him to create the One Month PM. This is an affordable way to boost your PM career.

  • Ricardo luiz
    Ricardo Luiz
    Product Leader and Coach

    With more than 15 years of experience in UX and Product, Ricardo has been helping companies of all sizes understand their users and market to build great products at scale.

Full participation

Whether you're just starting in Product Management, you want to transition into the field, or grow your PM career, this is the event for you! All the meals, snacks and drinks (from breakfast to beers after dinner) are included, so all you need to do is to show-up and bring all your energy!
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Limited to 25 participants.
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    Talks and Mastermind sessions
  • βœ“
    Networking moments
  • βœ“
    2 dinners and 1 lunch included
  • βœ“
    Snacks and coffee breaks
  • βœ“
    Drinks after dinner
  • βœ“
    Welcome kit with goodies

Some 🧑 from our participants

All these people have attended at least 2 editions!

  • Maria joao
    Maria JoΓ£o Santos
    Product Manager @

    I loved it - the networking was super exciting, and everyone was in the mood to learn and absorb as much as possible from the experience.

  • Pedro rosa
    Pedro da Rosa
    Head of Product @

    Awesome experience! Loved the workshops, networking, and especially the comfortable size of the group.

  • Maria gonzalez
    Maria Gonzalez
    Project Manager

    Who would have thought that spending a full weekend at an office could be so energizing? A perfect combination of high-value content delivery and meaningful networking.

Join the community today!

Join us at the Natura Towers (Cofidis office) in Lisbon for a full weekend of learning and growth!

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