If you're 0-4 years into your Product Management career, this is the event for you. Meet PMs, learn together, and make new connections!

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What others say

"Great place to share knowledge and to take the opportunity to ask for what we don't know. This is the place to grow!"Wilson Capitão, Product Manager

"The Product Weekend is a weekend full of highly skilled speakers that give both aspiring and seasoned PMs, the needed insights to take their careers to the next level."Fleur Dooms, Product Specialist

"Fun, energizing, inspirational."Nuno Umbelino, Chief Product Officer

Network with peers

Share your expertise and make meaningful connections that will support you in your career and side ventures. Meet 30+ experienced Product people in this immersive event.

Step-up your skills

Develop your roadmapping, design and storytelling skills with hands-on collaborative workshops. Learn from your peers' experiences in the Mastermind sessions.

Enjoy and have fun

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Grab a beer (or lemonade) with fellow PMs in a relaxed environment! Connect with your next colleague, mentor or friend.

Boost your Product career

PM is a high demand role and it’s not a craft you learn on your degree

Each company and product are unique: 1-size-fits-all is a myth

Networking and peer-learning are crucial for Product people

Product Weekend Podcast

  • Hosted by João Moita and powered by PRODUCTIZED.

  • Two joint seasons with a total of 15 episodes.

  • Meet the story of the inspiring people behind great products.

Meet our past speakers


João Colaço de Freitas is the Innovation and Value Creation Director at Cofidis. He has experience in successfully delivering valuable products while creating teams that are empowered to create value. At Cofidis, João is the main responsible for the enormous change from a Project mindset to a Product approach, enabling a startup-like growth rate for Cofidis. He will join Product Weekend to share more about this experience.

Roshan Gupta is a Group Product Manager at Google. He has an extensive career in Product having worked at companies like Yahoo, Oracle and Facebook. He has recently moved to Portugal and he will join us at the Product Weekend to deliver a workshop about the Art of Storytelling for Product Managers.


Mirela Mus is the Founder and CPO at Product People. Having started in Product Management 10 years ago, she has helped several companies and NGOs, such as Tier, Zalando and WHO, discover and deliver great products. Mirela will join us to talk about how to onboard fast as a new Product Manager and show added value in two weeks.

Mihaela Draghici is an Associate Director at Volkswagen Digital Solutions. Coming from a Marketing background she is known as a passionate changemaker both within her Product work and personal life, being a strong advocate for gender equality and inclusive work environments. Mihaela will help the participants understand and apply the potential of feature-less, outcome-focused roadmaps.


Diogo Rendeiro is the Head of Product at Amplemarket. With a vast experience in Product Management in the Portuguese tech unicorns (OutSystems and Feedzai), Diogo is on his way to making Amplemarket become the next one. He'll tell us about what it takes to take your PM career from good to great in your early years in the craft.

Julien Lescure is a Product leader and coach, with an extensive career helping companies discover opportunities and make great products. He is also an advisor and investor to many Product-led companies. He will join us to talk about the process of discovering opportunities while delivering value.

Luís Gonçalves is an entrepreneur, best-selling author, speaker and Product consultant. When consulting he works exclusively with entrepreneurs, founders and senior leaders on the implementation of his game-changing "ADAPT Methodology". He is very passionate about the topic of shifting from Project to Product and has extensive experience helping organizations achieve it.

Clara Rivero Machado is the Head of Product at Via Verde. Passionate about understanding customers and creating experiences that they love, she managed to implement a product culture at Via Verde. Via Verde's product is a very peculiar and interesting one to learn from!

Via Verde

André Marquet is a co-founder at Beta-i and Productized. André has created the Productized Conference, gathering in Lisbon some of the best product people in one of the most recognized events in Europe. Productized is one of the best sources of content and networking opportunities for the Product community.

Joana Nunes Cardoso is the Head of New Product Development at Cofidis Portugal. She joined the Product space more than 10 years ago as a Product Marketing Manager. Joana is now leading an amazing team to bring innovation and "startup-like" growth to a giant finance institution.


João Santos is the Director of Product Management at OutSystems. An OutSystems PM since 2014, João has led many product initiatives, such as the OutSystems Cloud transformation to massive scale, powering the Digital Transformation of Global 2000 companies and accelerating the journey of this Portuguese company to the status of decacorn.

André Albuquerque is the VP, Product at Kitch. With a vast experience in the Portuguese start-up space, André has a special passion for teaching, which led him to create the One Month PM. Now with 3 different programs, it's definitely worth checking for anyone looking for an affordable way to boost their PM career.


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The team behind the Product Weekend


João Moita is a Product Manager and Founder of the Product Weekend. Passionate about technology, innovation and careers, he is on a mission to help people realize their full potential. The Product Weekend is born as a way to help young PMs learn from experienced experts and peers, build strong relationships and boost their careers.

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Event Schedule

Product Weekend 1st edition

  • Took place on the weekend of 6th to 8th of May 2022.

  • Location: Landing.Jobs offices in the centre of Lisbon.

  • 22 PMs from startups and big tech companies.

  • 6 guests with 10+ years of experience in Product.

  • Net Promoter Score: 71