Boost your Product Management career

If you're 0-4 years into Product Management, this is the event for you. Meet PMs, learn together, and make new connections!

What is the Product Weekend?

The lineup of speakers generously shares their expertise and insights, answering all the participants' burning questions. Their knowledge provides fresh perspectives and ideas to apply in my day-to-day work.

But Product Weekend isn't just about the talks. The breaks between sessions allow ample time to connect with fellow attendees, and these interactions are just as valuable as the formal presentations. Such honest exchanges truly accelerate our collective growth.

Miguel Cardoso (participant in the 4th edition)

Spend a weekend at the office and have a great time

It sounds odd, but it's actually what our participants and speakers have been saying about their experience.

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Upcoming editions

Apply for our upcoming events! 

Leaders Retreat in Portugal

October 13th to 15th in Peniche, right after the Productized conference. This retreat is for CPOs, Product leaders, or ambitious Product Managers that want to get to leadership. Transfer from Lisbon included.

Weekend in Lisbon

October 27th to 28th at the Cofidis Portugal office in Lisbon. This will be a full weekend with interactive talks from Product leaders, mastermind sessions, networking moments, and lots of fun.

Weekend in Porto

November 17th to 18th at the Critical TechWorks office in the center of Porto. This will be a full weekend with lots of learning and networking, and it will be the first edition outside of Lisbon. Don't miss it!

Weekend in Barcelona

We will have an edition in Barcelona in December this year. The final date and location are not announced yet, but you can save your spot already.

Weekend in Zurich

We will have an edition in Zurich in December this year. The final date and location are not announced yet, but you can save your spot already.

Everything you need to know

  • Weekend event

    The Product Weekend always starts on a Friday afternoon after work, so it doesn't require you to take days off to attend.

  • 25+ peers

    We always keep a small and cozy group, so that you can create meaningful connections with everyone present. 🤗

  • Talks and workshops

    The schedule is built around some sessions with Product experts that share their expertise around various topics.

  • Early bird discount

    Enjoy a generous discount by saving your spot in advance. The early bird tickets are limited, so you better hurry up 🏃

  • All meals included

    All the meals are included in the ticket price. This includes breakfast, coffee breaks, lunch, and dinner (as well as beers). 🍻

  • Mastermind sessions

    Everyone brings the questions, and everyone contributes with input. Participants and speakers get together to learn from each other.

  • High satisfaction

    Our NPS has been consistently above +70 over the past editions. Every edition has had returning participants.

Our partners and sponsors

More 🧡 from our participants

PS: All these people have attended at least 2 editions!

  • Maria joao
    Maria João Santos
    Product Manager @

    I loved it - the networking was super exciting, and everyone was in the mood to learn and absorb as much as possible from the experience.

  • Pedro rosa
    Pedro da Rosa
    Head of Product @

    Awesome experience! Loved the workshops, networking, and especially the comfortable size of the group.

  • Maria gonzalez
    Maria Gonzalez
    Project Manager

    Who would have thought that spending a full weekend at an office could be so energizing? A perfect combination of high-value content delivery and meaningful networking.

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